Residential Painting

At Poulsen Brothers, we take pride in our work. Whether you want 5 colors on your house or just want it done right the first time, we’ve got you covered. Our family owned business is tight nit and work hard, that’s how we produce great results.

“Trust in our years of combined experience. I promise we’ll paint your house right the first time, we’ll show up on time and provide excellent customer service” – Tristan Poulsen (Co-owner)

Prep Work Matters

For us, we aim for the best in prep and surface remediation prior to painting. Because if you don't prep the surface, the paint and the underlying material won't last as long as a result.

Lead Abatement Certified

Lead can be a pain for any homeowner to deal with. Let us help you in Lead Abatement prior to painting your home.

Power Washing

On top of painting we also do power washing services. Prior to any exterior job, we always power wash the surface in which we're painting in order to remove: dust, cobwebs, nests and more.

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